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About Florester

Meet the FLOR Token, the largest green digital asset in the world.


Florester's initiative:

We think of solutions based on current trends that aim to create a perspective of a more favorable future for our planet. Instead of taking disastrous attitudes, debates were promoted on strategies that should be adopted to reduce damage to the environment and consider the depletion of natural resources.

Innovate to preserve

Our projects and innovations must serve as a means to help contain the crises of water, energy, food and pollutant emissions. All linked to world overpopulation. These crises have three interconnected factors: environmental, social and political. Our role is to introduce innovations that are able to articulate such factors with the purpose of providing a more promising future.

Meet our directors

Ricardo Angulo
Global Expansion Director
Ricardo Angulo with over 39 years of experience in the industry construction, as well as in network sales/marketing. Born in Venezuela and based in the United States for over 32 years, his first business in network marketing was with the company Amway, reaching the level of Esmeralda, and after that, moved to telecoms with ACN, rising to the position of RVP with his professional effort and a great team all over the world, he was very successful in several companies, reaching the top in no time, Diamond, Double Diamond and Black Diamond, global teams of over 100,000 members in 45 countries. Reaping big hits in the network marketing industry. He always says you have to dream big, but he also has to have a commitment bigger than your dreams to succeed.
Flynn McCarthy
Flynn McCarthy is an experienced professional with over 30 years of experience in executive areas and managerial in the sales/marketing sectors. Flynn grew up in the Midwest and learned the value of a great work ethic, honesty and integrity from a very early age. He has incorporated these fundamental beliefs into his professional endeavors and has been very Successful. In 2010, Flynn entered the field of direct sales and amassed teams of over 8,000 members in 50 countries. He has had great success in the network marketing industry until today. Founder/CEO of some thriving companies. He really likes this business model, mainly for meeting people every day all over the world. Flynn is a musician in his spare time, he also enjoys sailing, golfing and spending the time with his wife and four children. He works hard, but he also believes that it's important balance work with family time.
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