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What is FLOR?

FLOR is a cryptographic digital asset, developed on its own Blockchain, with the purpose of capitalizing on green projects for a more sustainable world.

Where to buy FLOR?

To buy FLOR, you must first have an invitation that can be purchased from one of our sponsors at this link: https://florester.com/quero-meu-convite, so you can access the Platform, where you will have options and support for questions.

Where to follow Florester projects?

To follow our projects you can follow our blog and social networks, the links are on our website.

Where to sell FLOR?

Acessando nossa Plataforma no menu Negociar FLOR, você pode comprar e vender suas FLOR.

How to get support?

We have contact channels available on our platform such as email ([email protected]) and a Chat that works during business hours, when accessing the Platform you can access the Chat and Support Tickets.

How to deposit?

In your Menu (Current Account/Cryptocurrency Deposit), Select the desired Crypto (a wallet will be generated), Calculate the desired fraction in the field (Calculate USD deposit) see below the required Crypto Volume, copy our wallet or scan the QR Code, You now have all the information you need to make a safe deposit.

Where do I check my earnings?

In your Menu, Current Account, Statement, all your Income will be displayed in detail.

How to manage my invites?

In your Menu, Invitation Management, you can easily view all the necessary information about your sent invitations.

What are referrals?

They are your Friends registered through your Invitation Link, remembering that each friend who registers and invests in the Project is entitled to exclusive Bonuses.

Where to buy Cryptocurrencies?

To obtain Cryptocurrencies, you must first have an account on an Exchange such as Binance. Where you can purchase various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc...

Is Florester Trustworthy?

We are a transparent and competent company when it comes to technology and sustainability, we are always available to inform you in the best way, always keeping our social networks updated with the dissemination of our work.

What precautions should I take?

Attention should always be paid to digital security issues, such as protecting passwords and activating the second factor 2FA, in addition to being very careful with your emails and ways of accessing the internet and devices.

How to make internal transfers?

To Transfer your Balance to another account within the Platform, simply make your Withdrawal and a deposit to the desired Wallet!

How to invest?

In your Menu (Purchase of Contracts), there are several Investment Plans, it is possible to purchase more than one Plan at the same time!

How to control my points?

Always go to the Platform for details and to see if you are getting results, use the support channel for tips.

How to assemble my team?

Just invite your friends through the Platform, after accepting your invitation they are already part of your team.

How to make withdrawals?

In your Menu, Current Account, Request Withdrawal, just select the Withdrawal Origin, your Wallet and the amount you want to withdraw, remembering that for any type of withdrawal it is necessary to activate your 2FA Token.

Why invite my friends?

Every friend you invite and become an investor earns you exclusive bonuses.

How do I activate my 2FA Token?

In your Menu, My Profile, Security tab there is a button to start the Process, it is called Configure 2FA, just select Authenticator Apps and follow the steps.

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